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the problem

This first section of the program consists of five

Understanding the Problem
Goodbye Bully, Bye, Bye
Pack it in, Predator!
Make Allies of the Mob
Take this, TimeBomb!

The Target

Learn how to recover and break the cycle of abuse. This section covers:
All about Targets
Self-help Strategies
Reinvent your Communication
Resolve Conflict
Break the Cycle of Abuse
Develop a Recovery Strategy

The Strategy

In this section, you will learn how to prevent uncivil behavior at the organizational level. You will:
Perform a Risk Assessment
Learn the Cycle of Conflict
Apply Techniques to Minimize Uncivil Behavior

The implementation

In this last section we continue the organizational application. You will:
Review applicable laws
Learn how to comply with them 
Consider your Organizational Risk
Stay within the Law
Revitalize Policies/Procedures

"Do the right thing.
It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
Mark Twain


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Zogby International

According to research by Zogby International, 37% of the American workforce experiences bullying on the job.

Dr. Mark Brackett

The Emotional Literacy Program

Dr. Bracket says standing up for each other is the best way to eliminate bullying.  But this only works when those at the top of the organization send a clear message that bullying will not be tolerated.

Dr. Jana Juvonen

Professor of Developmental Psychology at UCLA

Being bullied doesn’t create a thick skin, but a thinner skin.

Tara Parker-Pope

New York Times -- digital, published March 25, 2008

The common workplace bully is much more subtle than “the playground” bully, which makes it difficult for the person being bullied to report him/her.